Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Church, Rainbows and Book Group

This week i managed to get a few pictures of Hannah in the play area in church before sunday school started - she is enjoying going to sunday school so much and looks forward to it all week. This week they learned about Harvest Festival and made some pictures to decorate the Harvest Lunch with next week.
On monday we had a quiet day, Hannah did some of her penmanship book, some of her math book including adding and subtracting money, and practised her reading with one of her recently aquired Oxford Reading Tree books. Then in the evening she went to her Rainbows meeting (another highlight of her week)! The Rainbows all learned about road safety this week and started their own road safety handbooks begining with The Green Cross code (stop, look, listen, think)!
Then yesterday we went to our Home Schooling group where one of the mum's had offered to run a book group. It was really fun! The children all read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown before the session, so when they arrived they had a circle time and discussed the story and talked about the things they would like to do if they were flat, then they made their own flat people out of laminated card and also made them passports. Hannah made a 'flat Stephanie'.

The idea is that, like Flat Stanley, Stephanie and her passport can be mailed off to visit friends, who then take a picture of her on an adventure with them, fill in her passport and mail her back. She has today gone on her first adventure - daddy has taken her to work! If anyone would like to join in and have a visit from Flat Stephanie then we would be very pleased to mail her to you.
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