Saturday, 11 September 2010

Holiday in Devon

We are home from Devon! We've had a lovely, lovely week and were very sad to leave.
We have played on the beach,visited with friends, explored a gorgeous part of Cornwall on my birthday, with our friends who recently moved there, spent a whole day showing Hannah around the village where i grew up and also spent a wonderful day in Totnes. It really has been the best week!

This is what Hannah did on arriving at the caravan - she was soooo excited to see the sea!

She spent so much time in the sea, rock pooling and trying to ride her boogie board - she also swam every day with Dean in the heated pool by the caravan and loved every minute!

She also built lots of lovely sandcastles!

Wednesday was my birthday, and we drove to Lostwithiel in Cornwall to meet our friends who recently moved there. We have missed them so much since they left and it was wonderful to spend the day together. Emma baked me this delicious birthday cake, which we had after a yummy lunch (also a birthday treat - thank you Emma and Steve) and then the children all played in the river and had a great time spotting fish and little eels.

Later on during the day we visited a really sweet little museum in Lostwithial centre, before heading up to nearby Restormel castle.

On thursday we spent the day walking around Ringmore Village where i grew up and i showed Hannah all the places i loved as a child - it was so nice to see her enjoying the same places that i've always thought of as home.

We visited the church where i used to sing in the choir every sunday and Hannah sat in my old choir pew and tried out the pulpit, she was amazed at how small the little church is.

We finished our village walk with a refreshing drink in the 700 year old Inn in the village.

Yesterday we finished our holiday with a trip to the very green and alternative town of Totnes - what a fantastic place, i didn't want to leave!
Our holiday has made me realise more than ever how much i miss living in a rural area, and how much more i want for Hannah than this city childhood - if only we can find a way to make it happen!
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