Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Home Education Group - New Location, New Activities, Lots Of Fun!

Recently our home ed group were lucky enough to obtain a new meeting place at a local adventure playground. The building has a kitchen in it, so yesterday the children all made their own pizza's for lunch.

Each child brought their own ingredients and mixed up the dough, arranged their toppings and took turns in baking their pizzas. Hannah loved making her dough (which came out very well) !

She especially enjoyed eating her pizza as well, it was delicious!

After all the pizza's were made, baked and eaten the children all went out into the sunshine to play.

Hannah had a lovely day with her friends and is looking forward to the book group session we are having there next week.
Thank you to Claire at Homeschooling Wonderboy and Debbie at Laura's Home Ed Journey for taking these pictures for me after my phone ran out of power in the first 5 minutes of the session!!

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Alicia said...

SO fun! Is homeschooling NOT THE BEST??! Love your new background and photo header :) Very cute and fall-ish!