Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Walking in Nature

Monday morning,
Me - 'what would you like to do today Hannah?'
Hannah- 'go to the fields, and the woods, and collect nature and have fun!!'

So, my sister picked up my mum, and Hannah and I, and we went out to Clanfield. We parked up in a lane and headed straight across the fields towards Denmead.

Hannah was VERY happy to be there!
We passed some very pretty cows on our way up the hill, and bushes laiden with blackberries, elderberries,

and hazel nuts.
At the top of the hill we came across a lovely wooded area. Hannah pursuaded Auntie Anita that it would be a perfect place to hang out and build a den...........Auntie Anita didn't need much convincing and they set to work dragging fallen branches across the woodland floor and stacking them against a sturdy tree truck.
They found as many branches as they could, and Hannah was very pleased with her den despite it's somewhat 'airy' walls !!

Then she wanted to explore, so i gave her my phone and suggested she take pictures of all the treasures she found - here are her pictures....................

This is what running through the woods looks like!
A fairy door.
Another toadstool.
Yet another toadstool!!And the shell of a pigeons egg.
To finish our walk we left the woods and walked over the farm tracks towards Pitt Hill and finally back to the car.
The view from the top of Pitt Hill is wonderful, you can see for miles across the fields and Copses towards Denmead on one side and Hambledon on the other - it is really beautiful.

Thank you to Auntie Anita and Grandma for a lovely day.

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Fiona said...

Just beautiful and I love the pictures Hannah took herself. What an inspired idea to give her a camera.