Friday, 3 September 2010

Who Needs A Playground?

Apparently not Hannah!! We went into town today to buy some Autumn clothes for Hannah, and on the way back decided to stop at the park and play in the sun for a while. Half way across to the playground she announced that playgrounds are 'boring' and not nearly as much fun as trees, and then proceeded to prove her point by spending the next two hours in a tree!!
She did a lot of swinging,

Spotting Wildlife,
and Hanging upside down!!!

She got covered in leaves, collected about a million for the season table and had a lovely, lovely time!!

I thought she'd be tired after all that, and was looking forward to a nice quiet silly of me!! I should have known that before you go to bed you have to pose in front of the mirror with a selection of your favourite toys,

Do forward rolls, backward rolls and try to turn yourself inside out,
and read the very longest book you can manage, veeeerrrryyyy slowly, out loud and insist that mummy listens transfixed to every word.

(yes, Hannah really does sleep with all those soft toys)

Then, and only then, can mummy read your bedtime story and finally say goodnight at 8.30pm......................a whole hour after you went to bed!!!

Good night Hannah, love you lots xxxx

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