Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Catching Up

We have had a busy start to our week this week! Hannah met up with friends at Baffins Pond for a playdate and a visit to the pond. She had a wonderful time playing in the playground with three friends and then went back to her friend Esme's house for more playing.

She was very excited by all the birds on the pond and is already looking forward to them nesting in the spring.
We have been to her friend Tessie's house for some amazing den building play!
We've had our weekly Home Education Group meeting, which was all about birds this week. The children all made bird feeders, nesting boxes and hanging bird mobiles.

Then it was out into the sandpit for some castle building
and friend burying!! He did ask to be buried, and of course Hannah and the others leapt at the chance to oblige!
And at home Hannah has been making more fairy forests with her tree blocks,
and has been making up sewing patterns for doll clothes and bags. Her stitches are still quite big, but she is definitely getting the hang of it and can sew buttons and straps on nicely now.

She is enjoying sewing so much that she has asked grandma for a sewing box of her own for her birthday (which isn't until May but she does like to plan ahead!)

Tomorrow we are meeting our home schooling friends to join in with the RSPB bird count - Hannah is very excited and has been studying her bird book in anticipation!


Jessica said...

What a good idea to make something for the birds to eat in the cold of winter.Did you see lots of birds around?

Michelle said...

my girls would love to play in a sandpit! how cool is that? your bird feeders reminded me that I had planned to do that again this year.