Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A New Book, Science and Play!

This is the beautiful new book that Hannah received today, she fell in love with it immediately, and so did i - it has the most gorgeous illustrations and a lovely story.

The book inspired Hannah to get out all her season table creatures and her tree blocks and set up a wonderful rainbow land (with her as the rainbow mother!)

And then she asked me if i could felt her a picture from the book to go on her season table. I've only just discovered needle felting, and mostly make it up as i go along, but she seemed pleased with my offering and wanted it on the blog! It is supposed to be the root children sleeping under the earth, waiting for spring!
This afternoon was given up to science! Hannah received several different science kits for christmas and has been really looking forward to daddy being on holiday so he could help her with them. He didn't disappoint, and they made lots of lovely things together including perfume, coloured and scented slime, bath bombs and coloured crystals.

She had a really lovely time with the science, and told me all about the different ingredients they had used and their reactions to each other, and she also got to have fun with daddy :-)


Dawn said...

Lovely book, the illustrations are fabulous.
Well done with your felting, so much fun isn't it?


Jessica said...

For someone just starting with needle felting that is one amazing picture you have created!
How did you find the science kit.Hibiscus got an incense one (i think same make) last year but i have been too worried to open it.(Must get a grip and just do it!).

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I LOVE this!! We have that same wooden rainbow puzzle!