Monday, 31 January 2011

Maths, Writing and Cakes!

Hannah wanted to 'do school' today !! We've had some busy weeks recently and I think she was ready for a bit of routine, so she did some reading and then asked me to write out some sums for her to do.

Then she remembered that she used to like to do her journal, so she cut out a picture from an old Country Living magazine to remind herself that it is nearly spring, and wrote a sentence about it.
She said it would have been tidier, but the lines kept getting in the way lol!!

Then, this evening she went to her Rainbows meeting, and when she came home she had made cakes!
Apparently they made 5 each, but by the time I got around to a picture there were only 3 left - Hannah said they were yummy!!

Tomorrow we are off to our home schooling group to learn all about Chinese New Year :-)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Those cakes do look very yummy, no wonder some of the went missing before the camera found Hannah!