Wednesday, 19 January 2011

January Book Group

Yesterday was our monthly book group meeting at our home ed group. This month's book was The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss which Hannah really enjoyed. She has recently discovered Dr Seuss after receiving 'To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street' in a party bag (which quickly became one of her most favourite books!)
First of all the children (led by Sarah who organises the group) discussed the book and the illustrations and then Sarah set them a challenge to paint a picture in the style of the book - so only using black, white, red and blue.

Hannah wanted to do a picture of the cat from the book, so i helped her to copy the outline and then left her to do the rest. Here is her picture!
Next, using cardboard discs and toilet paper tubes the children made hat shaped pencil holders.

And there were also kites to make, but by that time Hannah was desperate to get outside and run around, so that's what she did!!!
When we got home Hannah was still feeling creative, so after dinner she raided the recycling box and made a cardboard puppet theatre and a bottle fish completely unaided (well i was all crafted out by then lol), and was very pleased with her creations!

So, yesterday was a crafty kind of day here and Hannah loved it!

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Dawn said...

We're big Dr Seuss fans here. Imogen had a book voucher a long time ago and bought one of the collectins books, and we've picked up many more (often in charity shops) since.
Lovely to read aloud!

The pencil holders a great idea. We did a hat at Fareham library one time which was around for ages and regularly worn :)