Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beach Day

It was Dean's birthday yesterday and as the weather was beautiful we decided to celebrate by driving to the beach for a lovely relaxing day.
At low tide on the beach we go to there is a warm shallow lagoon where Hannah played on her boogie board and floated her sand boat,

We did make it into the sea as well, and she even managed to catch a couple of little waves on her board but there are no pictures as i was busy trying to make sure she stayed safe lol!

Hannah and daddy built sandcastles together,

and Hannah made 'Sand Hannah'

while daddy dug the final moat around the castle before leaving.
We moved around to another beach at about 6pm and had dinner - fish and chips on the beach , before going to the hospice where Dean works (even though he is on two weeks holiday) for his Ukelele band practise.
The band are playing at the hospice's fund raising Rainbow Day this saturday so we had a preview of the set list last night .

Happy Birthday Dean, we love you xxxx


Carissa said...

So much fun!!! I love the beach!!!

I laughed at your "No pictures because I was trying to make sure she was staying afloat." remark. I know what you mean. :-)

Love their sandcastles with the seashells.
And I love Sand Hannah!! Love the seaweed hair, smart little girl!

Glad you had so much fun, thanks for sharing.

KP Nuts said...

Fresh Air, Sea Air. I love the summer. Looks like you guys do too.