Monday, 4 July 2011

Wildfire 1 2 3 ................Spiritual Camp

This weekend we went away to a spiritual camp - it was our first ever family camping trip!

We borrowed a tent, loaded the car and headed 12, yes just 12, miles up the road to the camp!

We managed to unpack and get the tent up in time for the opening ceremony,

and then watched some dance performances.

We listened to some bands,
ate ice cream,

There was going to be a Labyrinth of Fire to walk, but there was technical hitch and it never got lit. We watched them lay it all out though!

Hannah played around the Tipi zone listening to the drumming and admiring the tipi pyramid.

and then when darkness fell we sat around the bonfire with the other campers and listened to more drumming!
It was late when we left the fire, and Hannah was very proud to be able to light the way back to the tent with her very own lantern.She was soon sound asleep for her first night ever under canvas :-)
The next morning we discovered that the campsite was right next to a lovely woodland trail, so we went for a long, peaceful walk in the trees. It was so nice to be out of the sun for a little while and Hannah spotted lots of birds on our walk.

After lunch Hannah and Dean played ball together around the tent

and then we went back to the music area to hear a few more bands before packing up to come home.
The event was actually a little disappointing as it had sounded so good when we read about it, but in reality there was very little going on to interest Hannah and the trading tents and therapies were very expensive - never the less, we discovered that Hannah LOVES camping, (and i can tolerate it) so we are getting our own tent and planning a lot more weekends away :-)

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Fiona said...

I am always thrilled to hear about others who love camping with their kids. I have just boked our next trip this Summer, and we also don't go far (that way we can slip home if it all goes wrong!).

Sorry the event was a disappointment, but the woods look great, and I have some SERIOUS tent envy going on. That is one impressive tent.