Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Sustainability Centre

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to go out to The Sustainability Centre in Clanfield for a walk.

After a quick stop at the organic cafe Hannah wanted to check out the pond which had been full of tadpoles and little frogs on our last visit. Today we saw lots of dragonflies, you might just be able to make out a little blue one in the centre of this picture.


Then we walked down to the camping area where Dean and Hannah posed for pictures outside the tipi's before heading out into the woods.

Everything was so peaceful and calm and green!
We walked through the natural burial grounds,
to the outskirts of the centre,

and then turned back into the woods when we came across the wilderness camp site.

In the same area is an adventure course and so naturally Hannah (and Dean) had to try all the activities!!

Further up the hill Hannah found...............yes, a den!! A woodland walk just wouldn't be the same if she didn't!
Back at the top near the centre Hannah decided she needed to build a fairy house - it's a tradition she started when she was 3 years old for the fairies at the sustainability centre!
Here is this year's house
built right outside a fairy door so they won't miss it :-)

We walked back via the undercover classroom with it's wonderful fireplace,
and on to the cafe - again! Well, you can't have a walk without ice cream ;-)
While we were having out drinks our friends who live on site arrived home so we spent a lovely hour or two with them in their yurt while Hannah played with her friends Mia and Tarka - it really has been a perfect day !

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Carissa said...

What a lovely day!!! I just LOVE the fairy house, and the "door" in the tree!!!

So good for her mind and soul, yours too probably!! :-)

I don't think that I have said it before yet, I love her rainbow hat, how sweet!

Thankful for Mama's like you who make time to have theses kind of moments with their children!

Have a wonderful day,
Love Carissa