Thursday, 21 July 2011

St Wilfrids Hospice Rainbow Day .

Last weekend we went to St Wilfrids Hospice Rainbow Day . Hannah's daddy is the catering manager at the hospice and is also in the St Wilfrids Ukelele Band who were playing a set at the event.
The Rainbow Day is a day of remembrance for the families who's relatives have spent their last days at the hospice, as well as a fundraising event to increase the hospice funds.

The main event is the releasing of the remembrance doves under the rainbow.

The sun came out just in time for the doves to fly up into a blue sky, while the band played 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' !

Hannah helped out with the music as she had appointed herself 'Daddy's Manager', and then became chief cup cake taster when she saw the amazing rainbow cup cakes !

There were games to try,

prizes to be won,
and lots of ukelele music!
Despite a really wet start to the day it turned out pretty well and Hannah had a lot of fun :-)

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Jessica said...

What a wondeful idea to celebrate the lives of loved ones passed.And Hannah certainly seemed to love those cakes!