Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Walk In The Woods

We've been to Creech Wood, Denmead today for a walk in the sunshine. On the way there we stopped for a picnic lunch on the playing field in Denmead, where Hannah and her daddy played ball.

Once we arrive in the wood we found that the natural playground there had been finished so Hannah had a happy time playing on all the equipment - she loved the wooden tunnels,

and swings are always fun, especially if daddy's there to push you!
I discovered this bug sitting next to me on a log while i was taking pictures - anyone know what he is? He has the most amazing markings!
Finally we got to the actual walk part - it was beautiful in the woods!
Hannah was happy to be out with daddy,
Beech Nuts
Look how tall the Cow Parsley is, it's much taller than Dean and he is 6'1" !!
Hazel nuts
Hannah found the best den in the woods - she does love a good den!!

Red Campion looking so vibrant against the ferns.
There were foxgloves everywhere as well.
I love this picture, hand in hand chatting as they stroll along !
It's been a lovely day :-)


Lynn said...

There must have been something in the air yesterday....we went to the woods too :-)
Looks like you had a lovely day, although that bug looks scary - maybe mimicking a wasp? xxx

Susie said...

I've just been told by someone on the natural history museum website that it is an uncommon Leptura aurulenta beetle! It is kind of scary looking!