Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Getting Back To Normal

Thankfully this week has been a lot more normal so far! Dean has returned to work and Hannah is feeling better!!

On Monday she started off gently with a little more work on her Charles Dickens project. She made a nice bright front cover for her folder and looked at the BBC History site to find out what they had to say about him.

She decided to do some writing practise in her journal and chose Robins and Squirrels to write about. Usually Hannah asks me to spell every word out to her as she hates to get things wrong, but this time she tried to write the words she didn't know phonetically.

I wrote the correct spellings underneath when she had finished so she could refer back to them.
'Robins have red breasts. I love Robins because they have the ability to fly.'
'Squirrels are different colours - Red, Gray - I have never seen a red squirrel but i have a poster.'

I was really pleased to see that she is developing the confidence to attempt to spell words by herself and she told me she wanted to learn more words so she could write more things down - bless!

The weather has been much milder this week and we were getting tired of Winter, so Hannah cut out lots of Spring pictures and chose a Spring poem for our notice board. Then she organised them into a lovely cheerful display!

Yesterday we had our monthly art group - we have merged it with adventure group now as the adventure group has such a nice inside space, and i think it worked well. The children learn how to water colour and texture sand by adding salt to the wet paint.

The lighting was bad when i took the picture, but you can just about get the idea i think. Hannah loved it anyway and was one of the very last to pack away her painting things and go out to play!

Today has been a play day as Hannah had her friend Tess over for the afternoon and they had fun with Barbie and Moshi Monsters!

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Lynn said...

Gosh isn't Hannah's writing beautifully neat?!
I like your spring notice boad :-)
It's March today...sounds so much nicer than february! xxx