Sunday, 5 February 2012

Staunton Farm

We have had the BEST Sunday!! We went to Staunton Farm for the first time in ages and Hannah was sooooo excited. She absolutely loves being in the countryside and around animals and is just so happy and relaxed when she is there so today was perfect. We saw baby animals, early spring flowers, lots of wild birds and enjoyed walking out in the fresh cold air.

The first snowdrops we've seen this year.Shaggy little Shetland pony
The boar taking a drink!
Hannah in the walled garden.

This Sow had a really young litter, they were still under heat lamps and so sweet!

Hannah feeding the Fallow DeerFeeding the goats

Pretty Cow!Happy Face

The Donkeys came to see us!And the Shire Horse.

We visited the Citrus House which smelled beautifully of orange blossom and had orange, lemon and lime fruits.

In the maze the friendliest little Robin was following us around, he wasn't at all afraid and chirped and hopped all around us.

I love the way these roots are entwined!
Hannah read all the information sheets and found lots of signs to look out for.
She also enjoyed running and puddle jumping!!
Amber the barn owl
Hannah met a little kid who was born on New Years Day!
The chickens were enjoying the playground!
Wintery Sky
And finally, Dean was very popular with the birds ha ha !!


Fiona said...

It looks like an amazing day out. And was it really as empty as it looks in the pictures?
Love the one of Hannah puddle jumping :-)
And sorry for being so slow with pen pal letters. Please tell Hannah Sofie has not forgotten her.

The Adventurer said...

YOu had a great day on Sunday while it was snowing here:) Don't forget to link up some of your amazing trip on the Home school field trip hop exp the Dickens one @