Thursday, 16 February 2012

History Study Group

We have had a very nice day today! We met up with two other families from our group so that all our girls could learn some more about Charles Dickens together and Hannah really enjoyed it.

They started off with a questionaire to see how much they could remember from our museum visit. They must have really enjoyed the museum because they all remembered lots of facts and finished the question sheets in no time!

Next they used the resources they had chosen on our museum visit to colour scenes from the stories - Hannah is colouring Mr Pickwick here,
and construct either a Victorian Church or Schoolhouse. Hannah chose the church. It was really fiddly to cut out and construct and our finished church is authentically vintage looking, but it was fun!

To finish they had a go at writing their own stories. Hannah and her friend Melissa worked together to write a ghost story inspired by 'A Christmas Carol'. Hopefully they will finish it off at our next session and i can get a picture of it!

Hannah loved working with a small group of girls today, it definitely suited her learning style as she came home inspired to do more writing and looking forward to the next session.


Lisa White said...

That sounds like a fab day! Love the model church too :)

The Adventurer said...

What a great way to see what the kids remembered from their field trip. I will have to give this a try one day:) Love the paper church