Sunday, 26 February 2012

Our Week

Gosh! I haven't blogged for over a week!

I've been busy taking care of sick people as not only was Dean still recovering from pneumonia, but then Hannah got sick as well!!

She has spent most of the week on the sofa coughing and trying to keep her fever down, but she did manage to do some painting one day,

and has printed off lots of activity sheets from our favourite website . She has done wordsearches, mazes, puzzles and colouring. I've read lots of books to her including her new Ralph Mouse collection and am currently reading her The Faraway Tree for the second time - it's her favourite book EVER!!

Finally yesterday she felt better and we made it to the seafront for some fresh air and a coffee (me) and fruit juice (Hannah).

Today we went to church which was nice. Hannah woke up this morning and really wanted to go to Sunday School because she felt better and missed her friends, so we did and she had a lovely time learning about Lent, and then helped me tidy the garden this afternoon!

Hopefully this week will be back to normal :-)

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