Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Visit From Old Friends

This week we have had our friends staying with us from West Virginia. We hadn't seen them for three years, ever since The Sad Farewell and Hannah was really excited to see her BFF Sydney, and I was equally excited to see Sydney's mom Angel and her new little brother James.

We've had a really fun time. We have chatted, visited Blue Reef Aquarium, Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays, we've shared meals and visited parks and playgrounds, we've hung out and caught up!

Blue Reef

Hannah, Sydney and James

Playing In The Blue Reef Sand Pit

Climbing Trees In The Park


We watched an amazing drumming band in the shopping centre!

The girls thought they were great!

Spinnaker Tower

The view of the harbor from the top of the tower.

Hannah on the glass floor in the tower - sooooo high up!

No Fear! James, Sydney and Hannah playing on the glass floor 100 metres above the ground!

Chatting with the whole of Portsmouth laid out behind them.

Up in The Crows Nest

We've had a great few days and were sad to say goodbye, lets hope our next catch-up doesn't take three years!

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