Friday, 28 September 2012

Wild Group - Nature Science

This week at wild group the topic was The Weather.

The children built a weather station and completed a weather record sheet with the temperature, wind direction and weather conditions (in future they will also measure the weekly rainfall). The weather station has a thermometer, a compass, rainfall collection glass with measurements and a weathervane. They loved it and were really interested to find out how it all worked.

Next they all made weather symbols to stick onto a felt weather chart, and then it was time for lunch!

After lunch we had 'circle time'. Each child had brought a weather poem with them and took turns to read their chosen poems out to the group. Some had made up their own poems and others had chosen favourite poems from books - they were all really lovely and it was so good to see Hannah read her poem out confidently to the group.

Once the poems were all read the children shared their news about their week, and one family brought in the caterpillars they are raising for their butterfly habitat - they were amazing!

Finally all the children made natural tree decorations by threading conkers, fircones, feathers, leaves and wooden beads on to strings to hang on the trees around the gardens.

It was a really great session - Hannah enjoyed herself so much, and learnt alot as well - perfect!

Ready to start

Building the weather station

Tallest person (that would be me!) gets to hold it aloft (for ages!) to make sure it's working!

Fixing it in position - Vicki is getting lots of helpful advice!!

Recording the readings

Hannah completing her weather chart

Making a sunshine for the felt board

Lots of weather happening here - it's going to look great!

Hannah reading her poem to the group.

The Caterpillars

Tree decorating.

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