Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wild Group

Today Hannah went to a new home schooling group called Wild Group. The group is an all day event once a week and is held in a lovely enclosed garden with a small hall and kitchen. The group is based around nature and the outdoors. For this first week the children completed a map of the gardens, and chose a 'Magic Spot' in the garden to be their own space. They will observe all the seasonal changes monthly from their spots. They had a Circle Time after lunch where they all shared something interesting from their week (Hannah told her friends all about Sydney visiting) and they finished the session by drawing a view of the gardens from their Magic Spot.

Vicki explaining the purpose of the group and giving out folders.

Excited to start.

Hannah's map of the gardens.

Amelie and Hannah filling in their maps.

The gardens.

The hall

Hannah sharing during circle time.

Drawing the view from her magic spot.

Lucy and Hannah, magic spot neighbors!
Hannah said that this was the best group she'd been to and is really looking forward to the next session!

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PrairieJenn said...

Love the idea of a group focused on nature and the outdoors:) What a great opportunity for Hannah!