Friday, 21 September 2012

Wildlife Watch September.

Last weekend Hannah went along on a Water Vole and Fungi spotting walk with her wildlife watchers group. It was a beautiful autumn morning and although they didn't spot any water voles, they saw plenty of other wildlife and signs of autumn.
Hannah's list of things she saw included a fox, four jays, nuthatches, blue tits, squirrels,dragonflies,  lots of fungi, blackberries, hawthorn berries, and acorns.

Overlooking the largest pond in the Wildgrounds Nature Reserve.

Hannah in the hide!

Possibly a Lacrymaria velutina?

One of the small ponds.

Another of the small ponds, this one had dragonflies flying over it - beautiful!

In the woods!

Ganoderma applanatum?


We followed the Old Man Trail

More fungi - possibly Hydnum repandum.

The Old Man!

The children spotted a 'pigs head' in the tree

The Old Mans Face??

Spider home in the foot of the tree

Wildlife watch gang!

River Alver in the sunshine.
Wildlife watch is run by The WildLife Trust and is a brilliant opportunity for children to get out and learn more about the natural world. They hold monthly meetings and is really good fun!

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