Friday, 21 September 2012

Search Museum - Fossils and Dinosaurs

Today Hannah has been to a workshop at a museaum in Gosport to learn about fossils and dinosaurs. It was great! The teacher told the children how fossils were made, talked about the period that the dinosaurs lived during and then helped the children with lots of hands on activities to discover more!

Learning the chain of events needed to discover a fossil

Drawing and labelling their own fossils.

Learning different animal characteristics and groups.


Guess the fossil!

Who met the dinosaurs activity.

Hannah and Melissa viewing bugs fossilised in amber.

All about the Wooly Mammoth!

Rocks and fossils

Hannah's favorite, the Amethyst.


happy's mommy said...

Amethyst is my birth stone! And everything else looked like it was super fun too!


Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fantastic field trip. I just love going on our field trips, we always have so much fun and learn a ton.
Peace and Raw Health,