Monday, 20 May 2013

A Little Bit Of 'School'.

We have some new work books! We have Learning Language Arts Through Literature which was sent to us by friends in USA and Scholastics Success With Math which looks really fun and useful and came from Amazon.

The LLATL set we have is grade 4 and Hannah is only really grade 3, but the grade 4 set uses two of her favourite books - The Boxcar Children and Sign Of The Beaver - so she was happy to work up a grade.

We started them today and she did really well and enjoyed working on them.

The blue glue stick may not have been a great buy !!

Finally, Hannah is currently dancing up a storm to two ukulele playing misfits  Daddy and his friend Nick playing ukulele in the living room!

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The Adventurer said...

I loved the box car children when I was little, tried to get my kids interested and they wouldn't have it:(. Hope Hannah loves those books.