Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bees And Apple Blossom

We have three apple trees in our garden and right now they are full of the sweetest smelling pink and white blossoms.

Yesterday Hannah noticed how many bees were visiting them and this led to all kinds of spontaneous learning!

 She watched them go from flower to flower collecting pollen, saw tiny honey bees and big fluffy bumble bees, she even saw their pollen sacks on their legs. We talked about pollination, honey and how much we rely on bees for our world food supply. Did you know that worldwide, there are 90 different food plants that depend almost exclusively on the honey bee and that without bees we, in the UK, would lose one third of our diet? 

We found some great websites for more information 

British Bee Keepers Association ,  Bee ID Guide , Save Our Bees and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

I think we might have to Adopt A Bumblebee !

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