Friday, 31 May 2013

Odds and Ends From A Quiet Week!

After a really busy few weeks this week has been a blissfully quiet one! It has been the schools half term holiday this week so we have stayed close to home and avoided the over crowded parks and play areas.

Hannah has been doing lots of art and craft. She has done clay modelling, painting with acrylics on canvas and today, at history group she made a replica lighthouse (we were studying Grace Darling ).

Hannah's lighthouse


The canvas Hannah painted for her bedroom.
She has been baking and has made cookies and cupcakes.

She has played outside in her pool a lot (even though it's been pretty cold this week),

and she has worked on her math brainteaser puzzles and continued with her study of The Boxcar Children.

Today, after history, we met up with our friends on The Common where the children flew kits and had a picnic before going to the (much too busy) splash park and playground...................... so, actually, it hasn't been all that quiet a week after all!!

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