Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Experimenting With Art

At Adventure Group this week the children had the chance to learn about Picasso and create an abstract portrait using oil pastels.

Hannah thought it was great and really enjoyed learning all about Picasso's work.

Hannah's abstract portrait.
When we arrived home Hannah wanted to continue with her abstract art experimentation, so we got out her water colours and she painted .................

She also made me a card -

I'm so lucky, i'm always getting little cards and notes from her telling me how much she loves me - I treasure them all !

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Devon Mama said...

They are so sweet Susie, the little cards and notes! The art is great, I'm really looking forward to sharing and learning about all the different methods and avenues of art with the boys...well, we do some now, but having the time to share more will be lovely :) x