Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rural and Seaside Show - Southsea

We have been to the Rural and Seaside Show in Southsea today. It was very quiet, probably due to the fact that it has been cold and windy today, but Hannah still had a lovely time. We met our friends there and spent the day together.

Here's a little of what we saw and did -

Morris Dancers


Dog Races

Heavy Horses

Hannah and Melissa Donkey Riding

Miniature Shetlands

Ferret Racing - Hannah and Melissa helped out with the ferret who came second!

The children made bird feeders

Climbed trees 

and explored the Rock Gardens.
It was a lovely day despite the weather, and we really enjoyed spending time with our friends. Hannah, Dean and I are hoping to go again on Monday so maybe we'll get some sunshine then :-)


Bee said...

Looks great, you go to some lovely places. bee x

The Adventurer said...

We love Morris dancers:) Several of the older kids in our home schooling group participate in that activity. My kids would love the Ferret races we haven't seen that before. Looks like a fab day out