Sunday, 1 December 2013

A December Walk

 We've been walking today! We went to Staunton Country Park in Havant for the first time. We've been to the farm there lots of times before, but never to the lake and woods, which were absolutely beautiful today in their late autumn colours. So beautiful that I took about 200 photos, most of which will now follow.........................................................................only kidding, although there are quite a few so you may want to fast forward through ;-)

The entrance to the country park has some fun wood carvings which Hannah really liked. She especially liked this child sized fairy door!

Unfortunately no fairies were home!
We followed the path down towards the lake -

although one of us didn't spend much time on the actual path!

 Until we came across what Hannah is absolutely certain is The Faraway Tree (from an Enid Blyton story The Enchanted Wood)

This tree is huge, and has fairy doors right up through the branches. Hannah is sure this one with the number tag is the slippery slip door!

Tree love

Fairy treasures!

The lake was gorgeous when we arrived. The trees were such lovely colours and were reflecting off of the water - it was stunning.

Hannah had brought her bird identification book with her and looked up the birds she didn't know.

This is too blurry really but it was such a lovely cormorant.

Just look at those colours!

 We walked all around the lake and then back along a woodland path with even more beautifully coloured leaves.

we passed a field of cows

Dean took a not 'very focused' picture of Hannah and me !

and a very rare 'slightly okay' one of me!

 Hannah found some interesting fungus, and tried to count how old the tree was -  even older than me and daddy apparently!

 And then just at the end of the path we found some very Christmassy holly berries - just right for December 1st!!

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