Monday, 16 December 2013

Santa And Reindeer

We've had a very Christmassy weekend this weekend! Hannah and I went to see the pantomime at the local church on Friday night with some friends. It was Cinderella, performed by the Christian theatre group Saltmine and was excellent.

On Saturday we went to Staunton Farm to visit Santa. Hannah had such a lovely time. We visited all the animals, Hannah made some Christmas crafts in the elves grotto and then met with Santa. He was lovely, really friendly and chatted to her for ages. 

Daddy had a very civilised chat with a goat.

Hannah thought the pigs were very aromatic!

Piglets were super cute!

Hannah in the nativity area

Making a Christmas tree

Meeting Santa
 Hannah would like to say a big thank you to nanny for the Santa tickets!

Yesterday we met up with Hannah's friend Coral and Coral's grandparents and went to a local garden centre to meet Santa's Reindeer.

They were lovely!

This one was very sleepy from all the excitement

Happy Girls!!

Eventually the reindeer did wake up and had a play!

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The Adventurer said...

I can't even tell you how much I miss Garden center in the UK the ones in the states are so different. Although when we first moved there it took me forever to find Santa:) as I never thought to look in the Garden Centers