Friday, 20 December 2013

Finishing Up For Christmas

This week we have been wrapping up our group activities ready for the Christmas break.

We had a little party at Adventure Group on Tuesday, with spiced cookie decorating, party food and games.

There was another party on Wednesday, lots of playing with friends and exchanging Christmas cards, and we have also had our last history group session of the term. The girls have finished their Pilgrims lapbooks and even added a couple of extras in to them!

We made an American Indian craft to go along with the lapbook - dream catchers!

We also added in a little bit about the things the pilgrims have given us which I found in a thanksgiving pocket book, and made a traditional style toy from pilgrim times.

Hannah is really happy with her lapbook and has learned a lot. She is very keen to learn more American history now so i expect we'll do another lapbook in the new year!

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The Adventurer said...

Oh how fun, I just purchased this lapbook and we will be doing it soon. We are finishing up on Jamestown the first English settlement in America. Love the dream catcher craft we will have to do that soon:)