Thursday, 5 December 2013

Art Class, Winter Crafts and An Elf Visitor!

 On Monday one of Santa's Elves arrived at our house! Her name is Trixiebelle and so far she is definitely living up to the her name and getting up to lots of tricks!!


Swinging from the lights!

Munching advent chocolate

Hannah received a letter from Santa, Trixiebelle's passport and her Elf report book when she arrived.

On Tuesday we went to our home education group and Hannah joined in with an oil painting session. After learning some techniques and talking about some famous artists Hannah had a go at painting a castle for daddy.

Daddy was very pleased with his painting.       
We have also done some winter crafting this week. We've made transparencies, wood block gnomes, felted fairies, and Hannah has started decorating the dolls house for Christmas!

and of course, there has been lots of outdoor playing with friends!!

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