Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Christmas morning - 4am!!!

Some super excited gift opening!!

A lovely family Christmas lunch

Auntie Anita (my sister)

Grammy and Hannah


After lunch there were more presents, and granddad did a magic show which was really funny, and very good!!

Granddad and the disappearing dice!

Hannah was exhausted by 5 pm and fell asleep on our bed! She had been too excited to sleep and woke up at 3 am on Christmas morning. 

On Boxing Day Dean's mum spent the day with us and we went for a lovely walk around the lake at Staunton. It was the first time it hadn't poured with rain in about a week and so it was especially nice to see the sunshine.


Hannah and Me

Trixiebelle the Elf had a lot of fun as well - she visited all the fairies in the woods!!

It's been a lovely few days (excluding the two trips to the vet that Dean has had to make with our cat - one of them on Christmas day, but the cat is doing fine so even that wasn't too bad!!)

We hope everyone else in blogland has had a lovely Christmas as well xx

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The Adventurer said...

4 am wake up time, oh my, and I thought 6 am was early with my kids:)! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family close by.
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, it was so nice to hav my first comment be of support as I make some changes in the next year. Happy New Year to you and you lovely family