Thursday, 25 September 2014

An Afternoon At Staunton Farm

This afternoon Hannah and I spent a lovely three hours at Staunton Farm. My dad came with us for a little while and we sat in the sunshine and had a cup of tea together. Then he left to run some errands and Hannah and I visited all the animals and Hannah played in the trees and gardens.

Feeding a hungry chicken!

 Hannah met the Shetland pony foal for the first time and was completely smitten. Her name is Poppy and she is a tiny, adorable little thing.

We saw the sheep and pigs,

Hannah fed the goats.

She really enjoyed exploring the park and making up fairy dances in the trees!

 She found herself a cross country jump and "cantered" up and down jumping it!

There were signs of Autumn everywhere - my very favourite season!

The gardens were full of autumn herbs and flowers, and the flowers were full of bees and butterflies!

Teddy and Pony had a nice time exploring the maze with Hannah!

I think she might be practising her riding position here!

Hannah spent a lot of time sitting or laying in the trees!

Finally we had to leave as the farm was closing, so this lucky goat got all the rest of the animal food in Hannah's bag and we spotted the barn owl on the way out!

 It was really nice to just wander around, no schedule or activity, just the two of us, and Hannah so happy to be out with the animals. We've had such a lovely afternoon.

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