Monday, 15 September 2014


On Friday we spent the day with friends in Pulborough. We had such a great day! The girls played and chatted together, Hannah helped with the rabbits and guinea pigs, we walked through the fields along the River Arun with the dog, and went to the stables.

Hannah's friend has her own pony which she very kindly allows Hannah to ride when we visit. I find this incredibly generous of her as I know how hard it can be to watch someone else ride your pony and Hannah really appreciates it.

On Friday she learned to ride without stirrups and reins, sitting deep in the saddle and moving with the pony. Her friends mum is a really good teacher and Hannah trusts her completely - she is riding far more confidently than ever before.

Hannah said riding without stirrups was lovely and gave her lots of confidence

Trotting without reins or stirrups requires a helping hand from a friend for steering purposes!

Watching her friend ride.

After the horses were fed the girls hung out in the hay store chatting about......................................horses!!

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