Sunday, 21 September 2014

Saturday - Paultons Park

Hannah's friend Coral slept over at our house on Friday night as her parents are in New York, so on Saturday the girls and I went to Paultons Park as a special treat from Coral's grandparents.

The girls had a great time, especially on the Log Flume, which was their favourite ride. I took them on it eleven, (yes ELEVEN) times before they were brave enough to go on alone so I could finally get a picture!


 Riding the mini roller coaster

 On the sky swinger (Hannah is at the back of the picture - you can see her pink shoes against the green of the trees)
 Bumping into Peppa Pig in Peppa Pig World!

We had a break for lunch and the girls explored the parkland area and played in the trees. Hannah said this was her favourite part of the whole day!

Then we mostly rode the Log Flume until we were exhausted (which took a surprisingly long time considering the girls had slept for only 5 hours on Friday night!)

When Coral's granddad arrived to collect us both girls were drenched, and I mean totally, submerged in water, shoe emptyingly drenched and more than a little hyped up on candy floss and ice cream so I'm considering that successful day out (but sorry about the leather car seats Coral's granddad!!) ...................

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