Saturday, 27 September 2014

Natural Art Workshop - Swanwick Nature Reserve

Swanwick Nature Reserve is an old clay workings reclaimed by nature and now managed as a wildlife and educational site .
They run all kinds of nature workshops for children , and yesterday Hannah went on a natural art session with our home education group.

The children made natural paints, paintings and natural sculptures in teams.

 Foraging for colours

 learning about natural paints

Hannah's blackberry paint

Painting and using leaf crumbs for texture.

Hannah's natural palette

 After lunch the children split into teams to make sculptures. Hannah's team wanted to make a woodland scene,

 and they did - complete with tree, dragonfly, snail, squirrel, mouse, rabbit, mole (and his hole) and a frog!

While we were out in the woods we did some nature spotting and saw some really special caterpillars, fungi and hornets.

elephant hawk moth caterpillar

Bracket fungi


Fly Agaric fungi

Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar
We had a great day, Hannah loved being out in the woods with her friends and really enjoyed the workshop as the staff were so friendly and informative.

Huge thank you to Sally for organising it - we can't wait til the next one now!

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