Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Not Back To School 2014

Yesterday was the start of our new school year and the start of our seventh official (in terms of the UK school system) year of home schooling. Having said that, we have always chosen to follow a US system in our homeschooling so this year Hannah is working on Grade 5.

Hannah has a work basket with daily math and language arts lessons to complete, and then various lapbook and project work to fill in the gaps. It is very relaxed, lots of days out, trips and social groups thrown into the week - plus riding. Riding is the one thing she really wants to do so we are researching riding schools and pony clubs to find the perfect fit for her.

To mark the new term we went to the Portsmouth Home Education Group Not Back To School Picnic yesterday. Lots of families out enjoying the sunshine, and happy children playing, exploring and chatting with friends in the grounds of Portchester Castle.

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