Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Family Walk

Today we decided to go for a long family walk in Droxford. We started in a lovely little churchyard which had some beautiful snowdrops, and followed  the footpath out and over the fields. We crossed the Meon River and walked up hill through a field of cattle, over a stile and along a wooded footpath at the top of the hill. Scattered along the footpath there were rabbit burrows and mole hills, and Hannah collected sheeps wool from the fences and feathers and moss from the path to add to her nesting boxes at home. The path later went across the field and down the lane and then back across the Meon River. Following the river we came to a water mill, and then back through a field of sheep to the churchyard. The following are Hannah's favourite pictures from today.


Bigadd said...

Hello Hannanh

I have been reading your posts and looking at your pictures i am very jealous of all the things you have seen.


SteveH said...

Great blog, fantastic photos and great stories, you are a very lucky girl Hannah getting to spen so much time with your parents.