Friday, 27 February 2009

A Trip to Chichester Cathedral.

Today Hannah and i went on a trip to Chichester Cathedral. The Cathedral is beautiful, and both Hannah and myself were overwhelmed by the amazingly peaceful feeling inside. 

The Cathedral is over 900 years old - it's building was started in 1076 under Bishop Stigand and was completed under Bishop Luffa in time for it's consecration to the Holy Trinity in 1108. There are daily services held and the Cathedral Choir sings at each Evensong. 

There is a very friendly atmosphere inside the Cathedral, and Hannah was really pleased to hear that small visitors could go on a Church mouse hunt. Around the inside of the Cathedral there are hidden 5 little carved mice for the children to find and she spent a very happy hour searching them all out.

Hannah is a tiny speck against the west wall.

The information booklets we received .
The west wall again.
The Spire.
Standing in front of the Piper Tapestry -  woven in France in 1966 , the central  subject is the Holy Trinity to which the Cathedral is dedicated.
Part of the Original Mosaic Floor uncovered during building work.
One of the Church Mice that Hannah found.
The Chapel of St Thomas and St Edmund.
Outside again under a Yew Tree.

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