Saturday, 21 February 2009

"Spring Is Coming" at Butser Ancient Farm

Butser Ancient Farm

Yesterday we went to the "Spring Is Coming" event for children. It was a lovely spring day, we went with our friends (also home schoolers) and spent a really happy afternoon. The farm had organised a story teller "Red Phoenix" to tell ancient stories in the Great Roundhouse around a log fire, and a host of other activities for the children including games, weaving, mosaic making, and chalk bashing. The chalk bashing was a big hit and the chalk was to be used later for re surfacing the round house floor.

The stories we heard were amazing. Red Phoenix was dressed in traditional iron age clothing and told the story of how winter captured spring and held her captive until the sun rescued her and helped her to gain strength to overcome winter. She told a story showing how there is good and bad in everything and we need to try to be positive in all things, and also a lovely story of a rabbit who was always afraid but learnt to face his fears and become courageous.

After the stories the children were able to try all the games and crafting activities on site, as well as visit the sheep, chickens and the sheep dog Moss.

 The Roundhouses at Butser Ancient Farm

The fire inside the Great roundhouse where the story teller was. 
The entrance to one of the smaller houses.

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