Friday, 27 February 2009


It was such a lovely sunny day yesterday that we decided to spring clean the garden and get it ready for planting out the seedlings later. Hannah helped us cut back the ivy and rake it all up, and she also did lots of the digging to get the beds ready for her seedlings when they are big enough. After that she helped to sweep up and finally, she discovered the sandpit was still useable and decided to make a mini Africa in it complete with a watering hole!

Helping in the garden

Collecting the Ivy that we cut back...................................

.................and turning the sandpit into Africa - the leaves are a watering hole for the animals!

Here are some of the seeds that Hannah potted up a couple of weeks ago. So far we have carrots, spring onions, tomatoes, pumpkin, strawberries, rhubarb and green beans coming up, and are waiting to see if the cucumber, blackcurrant, melon and cranberries germinate. Hannah's cousin gave her two boxes of seeds, potting compost and pots for christmas and she has been very carefully tending them since she planted them. The snowdrop bulbs were a present to her from my mum so she could welcome spring, and she traditionally rang the bell of the first snowdrop that flowered to bring good luck :-)

The seeds Hannah has potted.

The Snowdrops she grew  - she was delighted when they flowered.

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