Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Indoor Learning

Since all of my entries so far have shown our outside learning adventures, i thought today i'd show a little bit of what we do inside. 

We have a learning room in our house - it used to be the dining room but we felt that it would be good to have somewhere inspiring for Hannah to learn.  All her information books, workbooks, art things, and posters are in that room and she can access any of them whenever she chooses to. Each day (or every other day) we do an hour or two following the curriculum (Horizons) we have for Reading, Writing and Maths, and then if we're not going out to a home education group or play date, Hannah chooses her afternoon activity such as art, craft, science, or cookery. The curriculum we are using is a Christian based curriculum, so we spend a little time each week reading bible stories as well (we are using "Step in the Bible" which is a lovely book of short stories with a questions after each story for discussion).

Cursive writing practise.

Maps and posters in the Learning room.
Books and Learning materials.

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