Thursday, 4 June 2009

Book Group Thursday

This months book group was based on The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. 

The group started with a discussion about the book, and the children retold their favourite parts of the story and talked about what kind of world they would like to visit. Then they moved on to crafts based around a Faraway Tree theme. They made puppets or masks with paper plates, picture books of their favourite lands and a giant picture of the faraway tree.

On the boat on the way to Gosport.

Making a Moonface puppet
Moonface, Hannah and Silky
Hannah creating her giant tree picture
Making her story book.
The finished book.
Yes it's upside down - it's Topsy Turvy World!!
On the way home with Spinnaker Tower  across the water.


Rae said...

Hi Hannah,
Verona loves this book too. Which bits were your favourite in the discussion? I'd love to hear more about the type of world you would like to visit. In Verona's world the trees would be made from chocolate and sweets!!

Susie said...

Hannah thinks that sounds brilliant - she drew a land full of saucepans making sweet treats and funny are they!
She really liked imagining what it would be like to climb up the tree and talked a lot about who she would meet and what they would look like. We are reading Stuart Little for next month.
September x