Thursday, 11 June 2009

Today we have..............

...............done SO much!! My plan was to have a quiet day at home as we've been really busy for the last few weeks,but it didn't really turn out that way! This morning Hannah started off with some simple, fun workbooks to practise her writing.

Then as the sun was shining she wanted to get outside so she planted up some new runner beans to replace the previous ones which were eaten by slugs..................

....and then made 'friends' with this snail which she played with for quite a long time before lunch. By now of course it was pouring with rain and she eventually came in dripping wet!

After lunch she did a maths lesson from her Horizons curriculum which was learning about units of 10, and then learnt about adaptability from her Devotions for Girls book..............

Next i read The Velveteen Rabbit to her from her Kindergarteners handbook, and we discussed the story (comprehension!!), 

After that we read two poems by Robert Louis Stevenson from my 38 year old 'A Childs Garden of Verses' and then we talked about the meaning of the poems and the different ways we can use language to create pictures and images.

Now Hannah is having a playtime, and i'm having a break from all that reading!!

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