Wednesday, 24 June 2009


For this weeks home education group meeting Hannah has been looking at Great Britain. She chose british birds and history for her presentation and was able to tell the group about her favourite birds (Owls, Robins and Blackbirds) and also took along a book about Celtic Britain, a map showing lots of different British historical sites, and some of the coins that her dad has found while metal detecting. Some of them are as early as c38bc dating up to C1900.

Some of the other members of the group did presentations on British inventions, the history of the flag, British cooking, The Westcountry and native butterflies.

Afterwards all the children had a lovely playtime in the huge wooden playground nearby.

Hannah's Map, Celtic History Book and Coin Collection.

Blackbird Nest and Information Sheet.
A Craft Butterfly.
In the Playground after the meeting.

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