Saturday, 13 June 2009

Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle

Yesterday we went on a Home Education group field trip to Stonehenge. Hannah had never been before and was amazed at how big the stones were. She was very interested to hear that some of the stones came all the way from Wales where her grandparents live, and tried to imagine how ancient man could have transported them there. 

Stonehenge doesn't actually take that long to visit, so afterwards we, and a couple of other families that we are friends with, drove on to Avebury Stone Circle. The children loved it at Avebury, as they were able to touch the stones and investigate them properly. The circle is set around a village, amongst meadow grasses and sheep, and so perfect for 3 little girls and a little boy to play, explore and run around, and around, and around.

Sydney, Hannah and Tess at Stonehenge.
An Ancient Burial Mound
Three little Girls at Avebury
Collecting Sheeps Wool
Walking the Circle
Collecting Snails
Brodie peeping through a hole in one of the stones.
Way up high
An Amazing group of trees we found.
Climbing up the root steps.
Hannah and Sydney found a seat in a stone.
Picking buttercups.
And playing.

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