Monday, 15 June 2009

Learning, Dancing, Cooking

We've had a very productive day today, and it's been lots of fun. This morning we did our table learning - Hannah did reading practise, penmanship, a phonics lesson and a maths lesson from her Horizons curriculum, and some art work.

Then we got out our Creepy Crawly Calypso book and cd, (which is a lovely book - see today's book sharing) and learned about calypso music, steel bands and did lots of dancing and playing of our own instruments - Hannah also did a bit of dancing wearing my shoes which was very cute!

This afternoon Hannah also had her first ever real dancing lesson. She has been asking to dance for a while now, so we have signed her up for modern dancing once a week and she is having a trial ballet and tap lesson next week as well. This is her, all ready to start :-)

Tonight she asked to make dinner and then said she wanted to cook a curry!! Daddy helped her make this delicious biriyani. She very carefully chopped onions, mixed spices, fried onions, added the other ingredients and stirred it all up and then she even ate it too!!

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