Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Portsmouth Home Education Group Nature Walk

Today we have had a lovely long nature walk with our home education group. We walked along Hilsea Lines, which is a series of defenses first built in 1544 to protect the naval interests from an inland attack and further established in 1757 south of Ports Creek. They remained largely unaltered for over 100 years before the existing Lines replaced them in 1871 when the renewed threat of a French invasion prompted the need for stronger defenses. The area is a wildlife haven that separates Portsea Island from the mainland. Covering an area of over 80 Hectares, it is one of the most varied wildlife havens in Portsmouth, containing woodland, hedgerows, meadows, both fresh and brackish water areas, marshland and coastal habitats. 

The children brought along binoculars, nature books and flower and tree identification swatches, and were able to see wildlife including Swans, ducks and coots with their young, trees including willow, hawthorn, sycamore and elderflower, and many wild flowers which they identified using their resources.

Ducks on a fallen branch.
Dog Rose
Mallow with Cuckoo spit containing the larvae of the Froghopper.
Looking for birds on the water.
The two Hannah's.

Swan and Cygnets
The view across the water.
Long, long grass.
Our Identification books.

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