Thursday, 13 August 2009

Busy, busy, busy.......

We've had a busy day today! This morning we went to our local slingmeet where Hannah and her friend played and i had time for a chat with my friends. 

Playing dress up and tea parties.

Then we came home for some lunch, and Hannah went outside to check out the garden and see if there was anything new to be found. There was, and she was very excited about discovering a frog in the Guinea Pig run..................................

..............and some beans growing on her runner bean plants.

After lunch we went off to the park to burn off some energy, and on the way Hannah practised her reading by reading all the road and house signs to me!

Then we bought some balloons on the way home to have a go at making some juggling balls.

They are really simple, just fill a balloon with rice, cover it with another balloon and then decorate by adding more balloon layers with holes cut out to let the colours through.

Filling the balloon with rice.

Don't let any rice out
It takes a lot of effort for little fingers to stretch the balloons !!
There, that's got it!
The finished balls.

And a balloon rice baby made by me.

Once the balls were made Hannah thought she'd give juggling a try which was very entertaining despite managing to hit me in the eye with one of the balls. 

Up they go

Ooops, forgot to  catch them

Try again  - with enthusiasm!!

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